Update to the Harvard Club of Dallas Bylaws


Dear Harvard Club of Dallas Community,


Our current bylaws were ratified in 2020. In connection with our upcoming annual meeting on June 14, 2022, we propose a pair of revisions. A high-level summary of the proposed changes follows. We are also attaching a clean copy of the bylaws here as well as a copy that tracks the proposed changes here. Provided we have a quorum at the annual meeting, we will vote on whether to accept the proposed changes. A simple majority can approve.


Director Emeritus

We are blessed to have an impressive roster of longstanding Club contributors. In 2015, we added a Director Emeritus role to allow the Club to capture that institutional knowledge while leveraging the typical Director role to cycle new ideas and leaders through the Club’s Board. We specifically added four such Director Emeritus positions because we had four individuals in mind. We propose increasing the number of spots to five.


Non-discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

The Club generally has not adopted policies and procedures to govern its operations besides the bylaws themselves. This fortunately has not proven an issue. However, discussions about insurance coverage have led the Club’s Executive Committee to propose including a non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy in our bylaws. The policy is hopefully straightforward and permits a complaint to be lodged with any member of the Club’s Executive Committee, which hopefully will be a diverse enough group to allow any complainant to identify one or more individuals to address a situation. The Board of Directors will have the final say on the matter.


Thank you for your consideration.


Respectfully submitted, 


/s/ Jared M. Slade

Jared M. Slade

Club General Counsel