Admissions Interviewing

The Harvard Club of Dallas Schools & Scholarships Committee annually recruits and supports our incredibly bright and wildly talented Dallas-area high school seniors as they apply for admission to Harvard College. Members of the Committee participate in many local activities on behalf of Harvard Admissions throughout the year, including:

  • Representing Harvard at high school college fairs across the Dallas area;
  • Conducting Alumni interviews of applicants to the College;
  • Hosting admitted student and parent receptions;
  • Sponsoring the Harvard Book Awards, given to high school Juniors; and
  • Much more!

Of the wonderful activities managed by the Schools Committee, the largest and most significant activity is interviewing applicants. This past year, 37 students from the Dallas area were admitted to the Harvard Class of 2024 from a competitive pool of 696 students representing over 65 local high schools. Although Committee members were able to interview 517 applicants through fests and individual interviews, we were unable to see 179 students due to capacity issues of our current interviewers. To maintain this momentum, it is vital to have interested and passionate members of the Schools Committee who can tell the Harvard story, who are interested in the unique stories of our area applicants, and who will commit to ensure that those stories are communicated to the Admissions Office through a brief write-up following an Alumni interview.

We encourage your interest in the Committee and in representing Harvard in the important endeavors of attending college fairs, establishing relationships with area high schools, and most importantly, interviewing applicants.  This year all interviews will be held virtually, making it possible to interview more students and do so on your schedule. 

The Schools Committee actively welcomes new members to help in this important endeavor and more than ever, we need the generous support of our community to ensure that we identify and recruit the best applicants from the Dallas area. In order to participate, you must have a degree from Harvard, Radcliffe, or a Harvard graduate school. Please note that not everyone who is eligible to be a member of the Club is eligible to conduct interviews, but we can always find a support role for those who are interested. And don't worry if you have never interviewed before – the Admissions Office in Cambridge and seasoned Schools Committee members provide detailed guidance and support. 

Please contact Adrienne Dominguez at or Luke Bateman at or Mary Hartsfield at You can also send an e-mail to our Schools Committee Administrator, Velda Powers, at