Entrepreneur SIG StartUp Quick Meet with EnBiorganics

During the 2021-22 club year the Entrepreneurs Shared Interest Group is piloting a program of StartUp quick meet and greets with companies with whom our members have an association. These will be a mix of in-person and virtual events.  The goal is to provide our members with additional platforms for networking, finding investment opportunities, and learning about different industries. Presentations will be no more than 30 minutes followed by optional Q&A. Please let us know if you have a company you would like to profile. Brian Buffington bbuffington@ymail.com or Rebecca Posten rebecca_posten@yahoo.com 

Environmental Bioorganic Sciences Corporation (EnBiorganic) has a revolutionary technology that removes toxins from wastewater, allowing that water to be recycled into other uses – i.e. agriculture, fracking, or released into the environment. They have developed a (patents pending) filtration/treatment device which removes harmful contaminants in the waste stream without using dangerous chemical treatments but rather using a microbiology-based process. The firm is running demonstration projects at over a dozen municipal facilities in Texas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Canada and has begun large-scale production of the system. The EnBiorganic solution allows customers to reduce operating costs such as energy, chemical agents, and maintenance while at the same time adopting a more effective – and environmentally friendly - treatment method.

The EnBiorganic devices are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, have great margins, and are leased by customers through a network of independent infrastructure firms. Because users treat the devices as operating expenses, not capital expenses, the approval and adoption cycle has been greatly reduced, allowing for faster placement in the field.

The company is experiencing a high degree of interest from prospective customers as well as investors due to the system’s demonstrated benefits, as well as the fact that it ticks off the "green," "infrastructure spending," and "water reclamation" boxes.

Please join us to learn more about this unique approach to wastewater treatment.

The presentation will be given by Darrel Liski CEO and Vivek Agrawal, CFO.

Enbiorganics comes to us thanks to Michael Carne, MBA 1985 A.

Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Time:  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location:  Virtual

Cost: FREE