Harvard Club of Dallas Schools Committee 


Harvard Prize Book Program
Sponsorships due by March 26, 2018
Schools Committee

The Harvard Prize Book program recognizes outstanding high school students in the next-to-graduating class (junior year) who display general excellence and high character, to recognize their scholarship, achievement in nonacademic areas, and to introduce them to opportunities available at Harvard. Awards are not tied to such criteria as athletic achievement or work in a specific community. The determination of the recipient of the Prize Book is at each school’s discretion, and cannot be done through an application process.

Prize books are presented annually at more than 2,000 high schools around the world at spring award ceremonies and graduating exercises. Appropriate remarks may be made by a local alumnus/a.

If you would like to sponsor a Harvard Prize Book Award, contact Diane Flowers at diane.hsc@att.net no later than Monday, March 26, to let her know and include the name of the school. The cost is $60, which covers the cost of one book, calligraphy, and shipping.

Brian Dethrow and Adrienne Dominguez
Harvard Club of Dallas Schools Committee