March 2016 Lunch: Transcendental Meditation

Thursday, March 24, 2016
11:45 am
Dallas Petroleum Club
2200 Ross Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75201

Josh Liteky is Director and a Certified Teacher of the Dallas Transcendental Meditation Program.  He has 15 years of practicing and teaching the TM technique for improving the mental and physical health of people in the world.  He specializes in teaching this effortless mental technique for peak mind/brain performance.
"Meditation and Peak Brain Performance"
Josh will talk about the latest research on the different types of meditation techniques and how they effect mental performance and physical health.  He will show how the different techniques specifically effect the brain through EEG studies, and how one technique in particular has been scientifically validated  be most effective in simultaneously improving brain functioning and physical health.

Harvard Club of Dallas Member $35
Harvard Club of Dallas Patrons or Summa Patrons $0
Non-Member, Guest or Spouse $40