Update to the Harvard Club of Dallas Bylaws

Dear Members,

Our current bylaws were ratified in 1988. At our Annual meeting on June 10, 2015, the updates to the bylaws were approved and the latest copy can be found here. A high-level summary of the updates to the Bylaws follows.

Non-Substantive Changes

Some of the proposed edits update governing statutes, avoid gendered language, and modify how notice may be provided. Since the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act has been replaced by the Texas Business Organizations Code, we propose replacing the references. The current version of the bylaws uses masculine possessive pronouns; we propose including feminine possessive pronouns as well to reflect the valuable contributions of all our members. Finally, while we all love a good telegram, notice by e-mail better reflects how our community operates.

Directors Emeritus

Our Club has been blessed with some very dedicated leaders whose institutional knowledge and commitment we want to hold close. So we propose memorializing the role of Directors Emeritus. Members who will serve in this role will assume the responsibilities and obligations of Directors; however, they will not be subject to term limits.

Categories of Membership

We have long welcomed as members spouses of individuals who are or could be members themselves. We propose an amendment to memorialize this openness.

Presidential Term Limits

We propose affording the Nominating Committee some discretion in identifying times when a two-term President may be asked to serve a third term. Whether the President accepts this offer and whether the members still approve a third term remains open. Previously, the President appointed the Nominating Committee. To avoid any appearance of impropriety, we propose having the Executive Committee appoint the Nominating Committee.

Executive Committee Operations

The Executive Committee tackles much of the Club’s work. The EC, comprised of the Officers and Club’s immediate Past President, benefits from input from non-Committee members from time to time. We propose revising the bylaws to reflect that Directors—including Directors Emeritus—may attend EC meetings (but not have voting privileges). Similarly, we clarified that the EC may request attendance of other individuals, who likewise would not have voting privileges.

Programs Committee

The current bylaws require the President, immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer to serve on the “Program Committee.” While that Committee certainly would welcome each leader’s involvement, it hopes to secure broader participation from members.  We also propose employing the plural “Programs” to better reflect the multitude of events organized and hosted by the Club.

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted, 

/s/ Jared M. Slade

Jared M. Slade

Club General Counsel