Admissions Interviewing

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The Dallas Club's Schools Committee annually recruits a strong group of Harvard applicants, interviewing each student on behalf of the Admissions Committee.

This past year, 23 students from the Dallas area were admitted to Harvard from a competitive pool of 477 students representing over 65 high schools. To maintain this momentum, it is vital to have interested and articulate members of the Schools Committee who can tell the Harvard story.

We encourage your interest in the Committee and in representing Harvard in the important endeavors of attending college fairs, establishing relationships with area high schools and most importantly, interviewing applicants.

The Schools Committee also hosts several events each year for current and new students as well as for candidates and their parents. This is a great way to get involved in the Club and to meet a number of extremely gifted and talented students. Harvard is one of the few - if not the only - major college in America to provide an interview for every applicant.

The Schools Committee of the Harvard Club of Dallas actively welcomes new members to help in this important endeavor. Support for this effort, including detailed guidance, comes from both the Admissions Office in Cambridge and the Dallas Schools Committee.

In order to participate, each member of the Schools Committee must have a degree from Harvard, Radcliffe or any Harvard graduate school. To accommodate the increasing number of applications, the Schools Committee has adopted a "Fest" format, under which 40 or so alumni gather at a central location and interview more than 100 applicants in an evening or morning.  Students are still provided with an individual, one-on-one interview, but the simultaneous nature of the system relieves interviewers of scheduling and other logistical details, while also allowing for more camaraderie and cohesion among the Committee members.  The Committee generally puts on 4-5 Fests per year on both weekday evenings and Saturdays, which last from 3-5 hours each.  This approach has been met with enthusiasm from most members, who enjoy the opportunity to interview, while also visiting with other members of the Club.  Traditional interviews, which require approximately one hour with perhaps an additional hour for writing the report, can also still be scheduled. Thus, for a modest annual commitment of time, members of the Schools Committee have an opportunity to serve Harvard while at the same time be inspired by the Harvard graduates of tomorrow.

Please contact Co-Chairmen Brian Dethrow (214) 953-5794 or Adrienne Dominguez (214)969-1674, or send an e-mail to our incredible Schools Committee Administrator, Velda Powers, at